Monday, October 25, 2010

yes we can... get high

wiki info prob. 19
reminder: prob. 32 will overturn AB 23 which is california's climate bill to reduce emissions down to 1990 levels, so vote no because voting yes means you're stalling.. peak oil has already arrived and it's a probably important that we start seriously considering other forms of energy. now... prob 19 is the official legalization of marijuana in the state of california. cannabis would be regulated just like alcohol, i.e. taxes.. and i know how people feel about taxes [they don't like 'em] but taxes mean revenue for the state, and california really needs some money [like most states]. read up more on the topic if you'd like, i'm a bit tired to go into length about this, or anything for that matter. but it's something that will be voted on in 2 weeks... so if you know anyone in california or you're lucky enough to live the direct democracy state vote accordingly.

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