Sunday, October 24, 2010

epiphanies of october.. thus far

1. everything is a form of mapping - this blog title maps are sexy may seem misleading but it's not. yeah the site lacks quantitative maps but the main map is the map of my life. cartographers have an interesting job, they produce something that people take completely at face value and determine that it must be total truth. well it's not, maps are the truths that 1 person wants you to see/feel/believe. attempting to map everything is completely impossible, life is ever changing and the amount of time and detail would overwhelm even the finest mappers. this blog, while a map of myself, is only a map of what i feel like expressing/sharing. i have omitted certain aspects of myself from this site and have overindulged on other areas. this map is at the largest scale i'm willing to show [note: when mapping large scale means small focus area 1 in : 25 ft, whereas small scale means large focus area, i.e. the world 1 in : 250,000 ft.].

2. everything is a form of beauty - the word ugly should be omitted from thy vocabulary. beauty isn't just surface level, it's far deeper. maybe the end result is 'not beautiful' but ooooh the process was! this isn't to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no that is too simple, this is to say that everything is beautiful. this is so because the effort, the talent, the emotion that went into the end result is the most beautiful thing, it's thought.  thinking is sexy. two-toned brick walls in williamsburg are beautiful simply because they are different from other bricks that have been laid out to form other walls. sidewalks are beautiful because the sporadic formulation of concrete makes every square different from the next. what i'm saying is different is beautiful, having a thought that is unlike anyone's is the most amazing aspect of this thing we're already going through at this very moment, life. life is beautiful. everything we do is fascinating because we're ever evolving and the change is beautiful. death itself is beautiful because it is the transferring of energy from one form to another, the process. the process is beautiful.

3. the census is disgusting - demographics produce some very sexy maps, let me tell you. but that is just surface level, the heart of the census is cold and cruel and very misleading. the information gathered is often very private, defining one's race and income level may seem significant to understand an area but really how is that understanding anything? race is a made up term, it is not real, we the people give it power but it has no science behind it, it's a coloring of pigment and that is it. income is insignificant because money is a form of ousting others, an attempt to showcase that one person is higher than another. and we put the value on money through speculation, but we can always make more money, it might not grow on trees but it sure is made out of them. now putting those two things together makes for a terrifying end result. race [something made up] goes hand-in-hand with income [something made up]. the census is used to 'understand' and then 'provide' for demographics, knowing an area is poor means that we should filter more money in that direction but what if [prepare for radical thought] this information wasn't used to better neighborhoods but to actually worsen them? knowing that a neighborhood is poor means you know they are also probably too busy working long hours at low wage jobs and won't be able to attend city council meetings on whether or not to build a toxic waste site in their neighborhood. knowing that an area is poor and mapping that for everyone to see... how is that okay? maybe i'm wrong and the census truly is a god-send and feel free to fight me on this but just think please, don't take anything at face value.

::all thoughts were produced under the influence::

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