Saturday, October 23, 2010


tomorrow [later this morning] i'll begin research for my theory term paper. i haven't written in over a year, sentence structure all-around is lacking and putting thought to paper has never been more challenging. but i've decided to be bold with my topic and it's just a matter of making what i have work for me. The Impact of Ego & Post-Modernism on Air Quality - there it is, the title.  How has the individual and the desire to be original and 'free' impacted air and therefore our health?  Postmodernism isn't something i've ever given much thought to, maybe because in a way modernism never went away and postmodernism is just a sub of it or possibly because it does not depend on science as a means of solving. science is the only thing that makes sense, even when it's beyond me, it still makes sense [get it?]. but of course there is a need for ego, I is very important, you cannot do good without first taking care of yourself. just think of the demonstration every time you're on a plane, oxygen mask on yourself first then you help others. but what happens when you take care of yourself too much and the oxygen you and everyone else is breathing has become compromised? removing trees to build mcmansions [which requires both open-space {roads, property} and material {structure, furnishings}] or to make a quick buck [yes i'm talking to you brazil] results in reduced air quality; the inter-connectivity of ego and environmental deterioration cannot be overlooked. it's not just about being ├╝ber environmental and unplugging shit when you're not using it, it's about the space [acreage] we consume... poor design [circulation] leads to poor air quality, and that poor design is due to the demands of EGO. I wants space, its own space with space between self and neighbor and work and locations where I consumes. postmodernism might not be linked directly with white flight but it is linked with late capitalism which is basically a nice way of saying suburbanization, greed, and only-child syndrome [or the free rider effect] have taken over. i hope i can write this paper more eloquently than i'm writing this post, i think i can? we shall see. but it's making me think about my thesis.. or more my life plan to work as a ::passive city layout planner::, i.e. i want to plan cities where it doesn't matter what kind of energy we use because we won't be using much of it all because we'll actually plan for the movement of HUMANS. i don't always love the human race, in fact sometimes i only want to be with ego but i cannot survive alone and therefore i need to work with them, for them, help them help themselves. keep things simple, for the average, or below average.. this doesn't mean weak this means natural.

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