Sunday, October 3, 2010


The link above is about the freshman from Rutgers that committed suicide because his roommate posted a video of him having sex on the internet. The student that killed himself also happen to be gay. However people need to look at just the surface, regardless if he was gay or not, there should have been NO recording of him having sex without his consent. His roommate should spend as much time as possible in prison, fuck that guy. If the student hadn't killed himself his life would have been forever changed because his roommate was an immature little fuck who had no respect for privacy and put the video on the internet for everyone to see. Involuntary Manslaughter is most definitely necessary here, and so is slander. This roommate ruined a person's life and he's suppose to be at Rutgers getting a very excellent education, obviously he's an idiot and god knows how he got into college in the first place. This story brought me to tears - and I guess you really can't look past the fact that this video was made simply because this student was gay. Let people be who they are, it's not having an impact whatsoever on your silly life, so go live your own life to the fullest and let others live theirs!

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