Sunday, October 3, 2010

As if Brett Lorenzo Favre didn't give you enough of a reason to love Minnesota
Ahh technology, you're cool (sometimes). Solar powered trash (AND RECYCLING!!) compactors all over Duluth, Minnesota... which is just great. NYC is doing some of this on Roosevelt Island, however if anyone went to, or has heard about, Electric Zoo on R.I. this past September then you know that the island is not well maintained and honestly is not utilized nearly enough. Just so I can shit on NYC's lack of environmental concern per usual, I obviously don't think putting anything on Roosevelt Island is worth time or money. Why not Time Square where MILLIONS of people are every single day? And it would be in people's faces forcing them THINK about anything at all.. geez I'd hate for that. Please New York City step it up a bit, you have the opportunity to be the best all over again, why are you letting yourself fall down the ladder? I'm here for ya city let's do it together, whadaya say?

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