Sunday, September 19, 2010


These two bands are from the wonderful Pioneer Valley, the 413, Western Massachusetts, the place of my birth, whatever you'd love to call it. Give 'em a listen, they are both a little rock, a little alternative, but mostly unique. Both bands have been featured on 99.3 FM, yo (a station that dominates the airwaves of south-western New England) and their music is available for downloading (woot woot, free stuff!)

  • - I went to high school with most of these guys, who moonlight as brilliant, hard-working lads who really just love making music, and have for quite some time. 
  • - This band I know a little less about but that means little, plus the front-man's dad is the owner of Dave's Soda & Pet Food City.. and really who doesn't love a good pet?

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