Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I don't live in California but if I did I'd vote NO


This above link will inform you about Prob 23, which is a proposition to put a hold on prob. 32. Proposition 32, passed in 2006, is essentially a clean energy bill, requiring California to reduce its Greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020. Prob 23 will put a hold on this until unemployment levels in Cali. drop down to 5.5%... right now it's at 12% (sad I know),but right now most of the world is struggling with unemployment that is well above 5.5%

So this is how I feel...
This is fucking ridiculous, period. This is taking 5 steps backwards and setting California up for major problems.  First let's get down to business: 5.5% unemployment is not possible, not now, and probably not ever - not if prob 23 actually passes. Competition is out the window, new job markets will not exist and smog will ultimately kill all residents of California anyway. I don't mean to sound uneducated with my use of wording here but I just can't image anyone voting for this that actually has a brain. Direct democracy has major potential for failure here - and we've all seen this happen already (remember prob 8 and how it created second-class citizens?) I hope California gets its act together - I can't believe this is even up for vote. Plus putting the environment on the back burner is like retro-viral drugs, it might reduce your symptoms but it's not curing shit - an economy based on oil is not a sustainable one and it will ultimately lead to even worse unemployment condtions, increased health issues and will put America even further behind other developed nation. So if you're from California or know someone who is, tell them to get off their unemployed asses and vote NO because a quick fix isn't a fix at all.

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