Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So while California does their thing, this is what Scotland's doing.

I'm moving to Scotland. This is what I'm talking about, having high standards and making real attempts to achieve them. I'm with my homepage on this one, more nations need to step-up their game and get real about the future. California take note... Scotland has an unemployment rate of 8.1., yes it's lower than California but it's still higher than that unrealistic goal of 5.5%. So just think about this, advancing technologies tend to increase jobs, not decrease them and this is because more brains are needed to achieve creativity and innovate ideas. If we resort back to using oil wouldn't that hurt the work-force in California even more since the technology is already in place for exploiting fossil fuels?

Go ahead California.. vote yes to prob 23, I dare ya, because you seem to be in such great shape right now...

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