Monday, September 19, 2011

productive meeting

week 4, check out some books.
meet with advisor to make sure your topic is 'legit' <-- this went extremely well and now i have a grasp on how to tackle my thesis in a way that will matter to me.. and maybe to others.

- other codes/ordinances/policies are just fine.. explain them; bring together a nice tool box of ideas.. but go on to justify why they are not going far enough.. and why feral is the route that should be further investigated by cities of the future and neighborhoods at risk.
- why is stormwater management to this degree necessary..
- develop a plan, how might these feral/resilient landscapes be integrated into existing conditions... DRAW this.
- what have other people called 'feral'.. and what do you mean when you say 'feral' in an ecological sense?
    - invasive v. native
    - LID ---> low cost?
- use other examples to explain your case, and once again, develop this theory of feral and how it fits into your location
"there must be a preeminent emphasis upon preserving the feral landscape of the Alaska wilderness"

etc. etc. etc. stay tuned. 

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