Saturday, September 3, 2011

power sketching..

after a long summer of pretending to have a clue about sketching, i'd say i dislike it less but honestly i'm a better drawer. i need time, erasers, and oh yah, TIME. but i know how much my architecture lovahs love to sketch and while looking over FXFowle's blog to see what's on the architecture brain these days i came across this nice little write up about how wonderful sketching is.. and i'll give it to 'em, with stuff like "drawing is a line going for a walk" it makes me want to get good at drawing so i can be better at sketching, if ya know what i mean. because as ed marzia put it last spring at cooper union: "the most powerful tool to change our world, is the stoke of a designer's pen".

thing: sketchbook. location: fredriksberggade 24, copenhagen. when: late summer night, 2011.

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