Monday, September 5, 2011

i'm a swiss 721 C BT girl

fonts are an interesting thing to talk about because people really do have such strong opinions about them.. and because there are literally thousands of options out there and we all basically stick to 10. if anyone's ever seen Helvetica this NPR article will seem to barely skim the surface but i thought it was worth the share to show that font talk in on the rise and is becoming more mainstream than i ever expected. as the title says, i'm a swiss 721 condensed BT girl.. this font is slim and sleek but it's not on every computer and since up-grading to a mac i've had to completely re-think what i like, right now it's optima but that's mostly because i haven't truly put aside the time to search and explore the many options. it's interesting that for the first time in my life i have helvetica at my finger tips and i don't plan on using it anytime soon. over the summer i came in contact with city blueprint.. now that's a FUN font, it's the 'architecture' handwriting style (when 'capped') that is nice if you're trying to get the point across that you are not an architect yet have architectural tendencies.
free font Swiss 721 Condensed BT
CityBlueprint sample
Linotype Optima

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