Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so stunning

Stockholm's new Waterfront Centre is beautiful [-] recently complete and designed by DANISH architect firm, White Arkitekter, it's a low-energy consuming, shape-shifter design. the whole of the inside can be molded time and time again in order to accommodate various activities and events along one of the most beautiful waterways, bordering the historic city center and the business district, which has helped Stockholm become one of the most technological cities, the building takes radical modernism to a whole other level. 'wa', similar to RAU and most other northern european Archs/designers/planners, took their time designing the building, beginning the process in 2005, carefully working with the city to accomplish the task of providing for the citizens and visitors. i'll be seeing this building, as well as many works [and spaces] by w.a. & other Scandinavian designers in t-minus 3.5 months!

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