Friday, March 4, 2011

where's the social concern?

"the french architect alain guilheux "from an architect supposedly giving to others [the modern architect], we have moved in a very short space of time to the 'artist' architect [the postmodern architect] who speaks of himself, of his own genius". and Huxtable exclaimed: "the most fundamental change in architecture today is one of attitude. scratch a postmodernist and you will find an apostle of architecture for art's sake, something that would have had any respectable and responsible architect drummed out of the profession not too long ago.... with the renunciation of traditional responsibilities as beyond his capacities or control, the architect has finally been freed to pursue style exclusively and openly... with apology". she bemoaned the current state of architecture, saying "there is more pettiness and pedantry than passion in architecture today... there are no heroes, and no architectural giants, because there is no cause"."  ::  nan ellin's themes of postmodern urbanism p.154-55

WHO ARE WE DESIGNING FOR? What is our largely responsibility outside of paying bills and fattening bank accounts? There MUST be a social cause for something as monumental as a building that is meant to be used by living bodies.. there must be social awareness in all we do, not as martyrs but as responsible individuals that grasps the fundamental fact: we are just guests on this planet, we must act accordingly... and when we can't [roads, buildings, etc] we must know things that last longer than a lifetime should show respect to those who have yet to arrive.

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