Wednesday, April 20, 2011

so i'm obsessed with beets - no big deal

I know it's spring and all the wonderful juicy vegetables are beginning to sprout but I can't just push my love [okay borderline obsession] for root vegetables aside. Growing up I loved carrots - cooked, raw, dipped in dressings, covered in butter, hell put some brown sugar on those bad boys - I didn't care just all long as I got my daily dose of beta carotene I was as happy as a hippo. Then I grew up and met carrots crazy and juicy cousin, BEETS - i like to refer to them as purple carrots.  I love me some beets, so much so that I try to work them into everyday conversations like "oh yah I know that shoe store it's next to this place that sells beets" or "i love beet" kind of like "i love lamp".  So when I stumbled upon this little bit of heaven I literally wanted to go out into the streets of brooklyn and track down a little Italian man and force him to make me beet pizzas everyday until i started to turn purple and then I'd have him cut back to one every other day. what I'm getting at is I LOVE BEETS and if you don't, well you're insane.

hi there, i love you.

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