Thursday, January 5, 2012

election 2012 rants... starting now

alright, i cannot take it anymore.. i've tried to stay relaxed but i just can't, what the hell is the deal with the GOP?

First, you have Rick Santorum, 2nd place in Iowa? Really? He's dumber than Herman Cain.. I didn't even know he was still in the race. Out of all those GOP debates he spoke, what, for 2 minutes total, c'mon! And the guy's a jerk, his recent comments in N.H. today to college students proves it.. he tried to compare same-sex marriage to bigamy, really, that's what you're gonna do? i'm sorry but anyone that tries to make a law against people getting married is clearly just a bad person... especially when more often than not it is republicans that treat marriage like a shame, hello Newt and Arnold... and why not throw in Trump just for the hell of it. REALLY?!

NO WHERE in our constitution does it say anything about marriage, nor should it ever... separation of church and state, you wanna be tea partiest.. c'mon, get it straight, keep your prayer at home. and i have nothing against religion, spirituality, belief, non-belief, on the fence, nope doesn't matter to me, as long as you don't bug me about it. it's none of my business what you do at home or with your free time as long as it is not hurting anyone physically or emotionally. And no one has the right to tell anyone who they can or cannot marry, especially when in more than a third of our states you can marry your cousin, yah that doesn't sound like a bad lifetime movie waiting to happen or anything.

now #2, the news really needs to start paying attention to Ron Paul, he's real nice on paper, i love myself some libertarianism (hello LOCAL FIRST!!) but i'm not sure we're ready for it, i wish we were but we're not, we've got a few things to do before that... but Ron's gaining major support and it's time people started talking about what he'd be like as our president or even the GOP candidate (he'd probably be a sweet VP to Obama, just sayin', i barely see Joe B. these days!).... and finally #3, at least for today.... this lovely quote from former republican candidate John "the maverick" McCain..

"Senator John McCain, campaigning with Mr. Romney, offered an equally stinging broadside of the appointments, which were made by Mr. Obama on Wednesday. “This is a classic example of the way this president regards, and frankly abuses, the office of the presidency of the United States,” Mr. McCain said." - NY TIMES

I think it's a real shame that people running our government can't remember what happened in October 2001, i.e. when G.W. Bush invaded a nation without the approval of congress. You're gonna go there McCain? Don't forget what that war, and two others, have done to our nation.. more than half of our budget is spent on the military (something PRESIDENT OBAMA IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!)... and major funding was taken away from things such as EDUCATION and SS! you want to talk about abuse of power, then think about what happened from 2001-2008 or else stay quiet old man. Education and infrastructure should be what this country spends its money on.. and sorry Ron Paul if you even try to get rid of the department of education (fed revs. is a different story, do it!) then you better figure out how our students will pay for college because even community college costs money.. and while some people think higher education is a shame (maybe it is, i dunno, i sure love knowledge and learning from some of the most brilliant professors and classmates, but hey that's just me), education is what will change this world and for the better.

So this is the 5th of January... I can't image what is in store for the next 10 months but it should be full of laughs but we've got to take this seriously because this election will really change everything. So before you vote, don't just think of yourself, think of your friends and family, some of whom may be in love with a member of the same sex, or a woman who does not want to have a child for whatever reason (remember, that's not your business, it's not your body and do you really think it is better to force a child into a world that is unstable and to a mother who does not want to be a mother?), or is someone that wants to go and get an education and advance science using stem-cell research or whatever.. this is serious, this is our world.  BE WELL and THINK!

and a lil' suttin suttin from the sports world, just for fun..
just sit back and relax... we don't pray on the sidelines

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