Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we are...

if we're not looking for happiness is there something to that? what if we've grown content with who we are - is this something we should be concerned about? is it unthinkable that we have an outlook that differs from the 'norm'? we are not sad, we are not angry, we are.. that is all. 
- we exist like all others, we feel and think and imagine just like the rest - but we are.. us. we are a different breed that views happiness for what it is, the opposite of sadness, a feeling that should be treasured when it washes over us. we respect happiness like we respect all other emotions that are no less or no more important than happiness itself. we are not creatures of negativity, although we possess an energy that is undeniable - it is an energy that fills a room but can most certainly empty one as well. we are not unaware or unmoved by what is around us - in fact we are more in-touch and find beauty in all, especially the feral. we are connected to our minds in a way that frightens most and can become unbearable at times, such as those during which we attempt to deviate from our natural state in order to fall inline with the populous that we interact with. we view all as equal but understand the limitations of the individual - underscoring our own lack of strength. 
- we do not deny the power of humankind and feel a sense of worth every moment we exist. we find our happiness by simply existing and acknowledging the poles of the Earth, emphasizing differences that in collaboration with one another create the innovative and breath-taking world we inhabit. we are... what we are and make no apologies - if we did that would mean we have done something wrong, and yet we haven't. we are rising above any oppression that demands conformity if order to be who we are and love every moment of it. 
- we are who we are because it's the only truth we can ever be certain of. we know we'll change, evolve into more enlightened and self-aware persons, or perhaps not, but we know we may never be the same as we are at this very moment. we will, however, continue to have our same inner-workings, the same emotional response, however altered it may be due to all the wonderful knowledge gained over the years - we will always be us. we are not an easy pill to swallow but we quite like that about ourselves anyhow. we are different and we feel different about who we are because we understand what it means to be us while others only understand themselves. we do not view the world through emerald-tinted glasses but instead with just our own understanding of colors, both bright and dull. we are reality and we are very pleased to be here.
by Mike Luckovich

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