Tuesday, May 3, 2011

this guy...nom nom nom.

this here is Hugh Laurie.. or really dr. Gregory House - yes I'm aware he's a fictional character and yes I'm aware he's twice my age HOWEVER I don't care. Hugh Laurie in real life is so sexy: clever, kind, smart, slightly uneasy, hard working, possibly even shy and then there's his character House, who is not only easy on the eyes [thanks to Laurie's breath-taking blue eyes and some wonderful folks in the make-up department that make him look 30 - not to say Hugh isn't looking mighty yummy for 50] he's also beyond brilliant with a persona that kicks you in the face. now like many people out there I find House to be so sexy it hurts but unlike most people I have no attraction to him because I "want to fix him"... no, I have no interest in fixing anything but cityscapes. what I like love about House is who he is, rough, cynical, rude, mostly always right, and extremely smart.. now I say this because a girl's got needs and simply I'm looking for someone just like House, only real because otherwise the obsession may get border-line wacko-ish. Yes House has his faults, addicted to pain meds, a bit of a limp, loves prostitutes, etc... but I'm willing to work with some of those, mostly the limp because it makes him who he is, the rest, eh well, I could most definitely do with out. I just want a nice, BRILLIANT human being whom is ok  with being a bit of an outsider and is sexy because of it [but hey I'll be shallow and say if this human happens to look like House it'll make the whole falling 'in-like' process a bit easier to some degree]. Really it'd be nice to have a combo of both House and Hugh: real, smart, sexy, foreign.. get what I'm sayin - I'm just looking for something sexy that, unlike a map, is alive and well.

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