Wednesday, January 26, 2011

personal preference

if you know me you know i'm down for using my natural abilities to get around [except for my excessive use of the subway but that's another story].... what i mean is i like to use my legs to get me around. i don't work out so i take any chance i can to get this heart of mine racing. Alright, my point: take the stairs... avoid elevators when you can and don't you even look at an escalator unless you have a 20+ pound suitcase - and even then just think about how great your arms will look if you have to lug it up with the strength of your body. This short video shows the creative efforts of some fine engineers to get more people to do just what i was blabbing about, Taking the Stairs. how'd they do it? watch and see.. it's awesome and if it gets people to use their legs i say lets do it everywhere.

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