Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it is not for them but for you [please understand].

"She liked the rare occasions when She met Roark at some gathering where heller or enright had brought Him. She liked the polite, impersonal 'miss francon' pronounced by His voice. She enjoyed the nervous concern of the hostess and her efforts not to let them come together. She knew that people around them expected some explosion, some shocking sign of hostility which never came. She did not seek Roark out and She did not avoid Him. They spoke to each other if They happened to be included in the same group, as They would have spoken to anyone else. it required no effort; it was real and right; it made everything right, even this gathering. She found a deep sense of fitness in the fact that here, among people, They should be strangers; strangers and enemies. She thought, these people can think of many things He and I are to each other -except for what We are. it made the moments She remembered greater, the moments not touched by the sight of others, by the words of others, not even by their knowledge. She thought, it has no existence here, except in Me and in Him. She felt a sense of possession, such as She could feel nowhere else. She could never own Him as She owned Him in a room among strangers when She seldom looked in His direction." a.r. the fountain head p.294-95

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