Sunday, December 12, 2010

framing energy for a moment

as told by l magazine: laps trinity horoscope 

*sagittarius ::11.22'12.21 :: we all lie. we do. and if we think we aren't lying then we deceive ourselves. are you deceiving yourself [said astrological sign]? and would you even know if you were? i reckon you probably are - but that's ok[ay]. just don't make a habit of it, please.

*leo :: 7.23'8.22 :: somewhere right now, in some suburb, a train is passing in the distance, blowing its whstle. and some kid in that suburb is hearing that whistle, and is hearing that whistle, and is imagining the great big world out there, far from the ugliness of the milk-sour cafeteria, the grim mall. and that kid feel a little better [said astrological sign]. (are there still trains?)

*aquarius :: 1.20'2.18 ::  who you gonna call when the shit really goes down, [said astrological sign]? you need to think about this. everyone's your friend when it's all cocaine and lollipops - but what about when it's nothing but dry bundt cake and lint, hrmm?

but more importantly....

*cancer  :: 6.21'7.22 :: you seem a little [feral] in the eyes, cancer, like you haven't slept in a while. look, when's the last time you had a square meal and a clean pillow? come on, man, come inside and i'll crack some beers, make some soup, and everything'll be alright. i promise, pal, you'll see.

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