Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gettin' easier to be a localvore

 Eating local isn't easy and it's a major step in becoming sustainable [whatever that actually means these days]. NYC is the second largest buyer of food in the country, behind only the military - and with wild open lands in upstate, VT and PENN. it's surprising that the city isn't booming with local goodies.  LOCAL, depending on who ya talk to, is a 100-300 mile radius, which might not seem local enough if you're used to county livin' but in these globalized times, it's more local than that banana you're eating. NYC is stepping up it's game and is looking to take advantage of underutilized lands within the city to get some urban AGR going - which is awesome considering the amount of food deserts that exist throughout the boroughs. my studio work-group for the semester has branched off into varying focuses, 1 being the food supply for neighborhoods around the BQE, especially to the north and eastern areas of CH. There are dozens of community gardens in these parts, and even some farmer's markets - but some areas are seriously excluded and it's time to bridge the various sectors of the community. Food brings people together and local food puts money back into the local economy, win-win if you ask me.  Of course you have to be cautious with AGR, especially with regard to STORMWATER runoff [my love for the last few months] and contaminated soils - but since the city is looking to green up its Storm.Water.Infrastructure.Management. [also the name of an awesome np started by a fellow PRATTer] and brownfield recovery, there are some major possibilities for the city to embrace sustainable practices and implement strategies that link up together.

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